Sperm Week 2012

Is that too crass?

It seemed funny at the time, but after typing it, I almost want to delete it. However, laziness trumps intent every time! And besides, sharks get a whole week and they EAT people, for crying out load!

In celebrating the sharing of my clinic visit, I've also found loads (no pun intended) of interesting articles to share this week. It feels like a weeklong celebration is in order. Besides, it's an incentive for me to make more time for this, which was my intention all along…I hate that I've gone weekly in my posts! I also hate that I'm writing about how much I dislike not having written more! Has it truly come to this?!?

If you can forgive me this lazy and slightly vulgar post, I promise to come hard…um, that this week will be worth it! (Apologies again, but I'm sleepy and couldn't resist!)

Let Sperm Week 2012 commence!!


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