Sperm Week 2012: Sperm in 3-D

So let’s kick off Sperm Week 2012 with an article that I found on the National Geographic Twitter feed called…

Sperm Tracked in 3-D- A First!!!

I have to admit that I had no idea that there was still so much unknown about sperm and its activities.  Maybe it’s just not that shareable of a subject?  It gives me a small amount of hope, or at the very least, removes some of my personal chagrin regarding my “boys.”
Jealousy did erupt when I read about the different the swimming styles.  Poor Steve was left out!  Did none of these show offs having swimming issues?!?  I guess when you’re chasing your tail, there’s not much pride.  Truth be told, I probably left pride behind some time ago, at least as far as Steve is concerned.

And these researchers!  How did this idea come into this world?

Researcher 1: Dudes? Check this out…what if we put semen on a camera computer chip, shine colored light of it, and film it?

Researcher 2: Whoa…yeah, man!  And we can write a program that like, extrapolates the swimming patterns of sperm, man!

I think I’m a reasonably smart man, but I’ve also tried to turn the kitchen faucet off with the garbage disposal switch.


Here’s hoping that these studies lead to some amazing new discoveries for fertility.

Me?  I’m holding out for Apple iSperm.

You know they’ve gotta be itching to do this.  Streamlining the design, implanting, who knows?  Maybe by the third generation, when they’ve upped the speed and added a camera or two.

Because we are living in the future…


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