Sperm Week 2012: Really? Prozac Sperm?

I need to preface the next article I’m sharing as a part of Sperm Week 2012. If the 3-D sperm was the work of super nerd researchers, then this sperm study is the work of misogynistic, chauvinist frat boy researchers. I stumble across this through Gawker of all places and, after following a series of links, finally found one with less of a sarcastic edge. But I must insist that the views expressed in this survey DO NOT reflect my own opinions or views.

This sperm study sets out to prove that semen contains mood elevating chemicals that can work as an anti-depressant. Most telling to me is that this study used college aged women, some who engage in protected relations and others who do not.

I think this one is quite disgusting and really only chose to share it to showcase how women are still being objectified. Most of the comments on all the sites point out what I noticed as well: that left out of the findings is that the surveyed who are being “inseminated” are in monogamous relationships. Could the stability they experience in their relationship be the source of happiness and not just getting large doses of Prozac Sperm on a regular basis?

Furthermore, if sperm has such incredible effects on moods, then it stands to reason that men could benefit from receiving dosages as well!

And as a man dealing with possible fertility issues, this study seemingly dismisses the most important quality of all: its role in pregnancies and bringing new life.

So, to recap: this “study” suggests that sperm can improve moods, I find it insulting to women, only sharing it here as part of Sperm Week but DO NOT share its views, and to call attention to the fact that, although it is 2012, respect for women is still in short supply.

What is your opinion of this study?  Am I way too sensitive here?


One thought on “Sperm Week 2012: Really? Prozac Sperm?

  1. complete disregard for anything scientific! one can not survey college age women! holy cow, when I was in college I had no idea what I really felt or why and women are so needy for attention that they will admit to and convince themselves of anything that is suggested! I have been there, I know. I could say much more but I wont 🙂 any chemical that a woman might be ïngesting with an oral dose of semen is not going to be at significant levels to actually have an effect! give me a break!

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