Can You Kickstart A Baby?

We met with Dr. K to insure we understood the results in his last letter, as well as to discuss possible future options for us. In vitro fertilization is his best recommendation for our situation. He feels very strongly that the outcome would be positive. But that’s when the other shoe drops…

In vitro comes out to one chance per $15,000. Now, I don’t know about your personal financial situation, but unfortunately I don’t have 15 grand just sitting around. Short of Oprah busting into Dr. K’s office at that EXACT moment, pointing at us and shouting “YOU GET IN VITRO! YOU GET IN VITRO!” it’s unlikely that we can move on this idea quickly. Dr. K told us that, although he doesn’t condone going into debt, some patients take out a loan to cover these costs. Setting aside the debt issue, we’re just not certain that borrowing at least $15,000 on what would essentially be a chance is the best of ideas.

Around this same time, we find out about a fertility doctor that is actually covered by our insurance. I dug a little deeper and discover that there are some physicians that are “in network” and would provide a bit of financial relief going forward. There is even partial coverage for in vitro as well. But this would mean bidding farewell to Dr. K and taking this adventure to another unknown. Just keep swimming…

While we ponder these new developments, I start hearing lot about a website called Kickstarter. Kickstarter allows individuals with an idea/project to crowdsource its funding and to offer various premiums to anyone who chips in money towards the funding goal. The premiums typically vary depending on the amount you choose to contribute. If the goal is reached, the money is collected and the project is a go! Recently, there was an extremely successful Kickstarter that made well over a million dollars!

So this got me thinking…can you Kickstart a baby?

I won’t pretend to have read the terms of service for Kickstarter nor will I pretend I'm serious here, but just for fun, let’s step into a world of pure imagination like Willy Wonka would want us to do. Can you Kickstarter a baby?

How much would you need to raise? Obviously, only collecting the $15,000 would be foolish because there’s no guarantee. Double it? Triple it? If my math skills are as fine tuned as I like to believe, that's like $45,000! Not a shabby chunk of crowd sourced change! How would you sell the concept? Go with a heartstring tugging sob story or tickle the funny bone connected to the purse strings?
What kinds of premiums could you offer? For a buck, you'd get our thanks and the sense of goodwill for helping out your fellow humans. Maybe $5 or $10 could be a shout out on this major blog we got right here. And for the higher end supporters, $5,000 will let you put a name on the short list for the hypothetical child.
This is the new digital future and anything is possible! And, although I would not actually try this, I am curious…

What other ways could you Kickstarter a baby?



6 thoughts on “Can You Kickstart A Baby?

  1. I have supported many Kickstarter projects. It is a fantastic way for many people to launch their product or idea. On that note, I am not so sure that a kickstarter baby would go over as well 😀

    But it does give to pause to thought about a similar type of organization that would do something like that for charitable causes. I think that there already one like that for breast cancer to help familys pay for treatment. You can start one for fertilization! Im sure it would be a nightmare to go through all the paperwork but would be a fantastically worthly cause.

    • Ha! It would make an interesting story though! Almost Truman Show-ish!

      That’s a great idea! I wonder if there’s anything like that already…must use my Google powers…

  2. There are so many babies born into situations where they aren’t wanted or taken care of…I think there would be a lot of people out there who would like to see at least one child be born into a home where they would be loved and nurtured. While they might not be able to make an impact on the whole problem, knowing they are helping at least one child, and one couple, have a chance at a good life with a loving family might be satisfying enough.

    If you could somehow present what it is that you and your wife have to give a child, in a clever way (which I believe you are capable of doing after following your blog), I think it just might work! As far as the premium thing goes, I’m still not sure how that works. Is it like pledging to PBS? I guess I would ask myself what donors would appreciate in return, and that all depends on why they donate. There could be so many different reasons why people donate…Maybe you could set up a forum where they could express why this cause was important to them, why the felt compelled to donate; sort of like a dedicated blog to the issue(s), with an eye to publishing it as a book someday? You could attract people who are passionate about infertility problems, children, parenting, societal problems…I think the list could be endless. Anyway, GOOD LUCK to you both!

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