Is Anybody Out There?

So I’ve been absent with a vengeance from this old blog thing for an extended bit of time.

Tell the truth, it got to be a bit of a tough go here, facing that blank screen with nothing but disappointments and failures to share. As much as I’ve enjoyed the writing and all the interactions I’ve had with you sweet, wonderful people, I’ve experienced the same amount of defeat. I don’t really want to go all out, “diminished” balls to the wall melodramatic here, so let’s just say it’s been hard. And I tend to either ignore or run from the hard stuff in my life, so things went quiet.

I hasn’t been all feeling sorry for myself though! Over the lost time, I did pick up a couple of writing gigs, unpaid though they are, that sucked up a lot of free time and creative energy. And I’m enjoying them immensely. I write short new music pieces for an exciting music/culture site in London called The 405. I LOVE music and jumped on the opportunity when they sent out a request for writers. A more major bit of time is spent writing television reviews for a locally based entertainment site, Red Carpet Crash. These take much more time because I have to watch the programs, obviously, and then write detailed reviews/recaps on a quick turnaround. It’s fun, I get to watch lots of stuff ahead or airdates (so I feel cool), and it’s helping me improve. Or at least I think it is. If you’re a TV fanatic or a have favorite show, pop over there sometime and see what’s up if ya like. I know I’d love the dialogue and input.

I hope my silence hasn’t lost me any of the amazing connections that popped up when I began. If you’re still here, let me know! I’m gonna be around more often here, writing up more of our struggle/adventure as well as other pregnancy stuff that comes across my eyes. I think I’m ready to start again.

I missed y’all.


8 thoughts on “Is Anybody Out There?

  1. It made me smile to see your post in my box! I’m sorry for your disappointments and trials. You were not alone in taking a break from blogging. I know several bloggers I read ducked out for similar reasons. My own blog has languished from lack of imagination and motivation all summer. Anyway, good to see you back and I look forward to reading more of your great writing. 🙂

  2. Heather D says:

    I just read your email on the listserve and was compelled to check out your blog. Praying for your endeavors. My hubby and I are in the same boat! 🙂

  3. Sonia says:

    Just read your listserve entry and thought Id give your blog a look see. Look forward to reading more….
    From one non-breeder to another, don’t give up hope. My husband and I (like you both with our own fertility issues) tried for years to conceive naturally and then did IVF (ICSI), cycle after cycle of disappointment followed while others fell pregnant after first and second trys and plenty of natural pregnancies around us to really compound the heartache. Then after 8 cycles of IVF…a pregnancy and 6 weeks later a scan showing two embryos…twins. They are now 5 years old and worth every shitty day of IVF.

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