Has It Really Been A Year? Is This Thing Still On?

2014 has been a real pain in the…well, its been a pain.

I don’t really want to write a long, apologetic post about my neglect of this blog. Things have just been a whirlwind, but if there’s any of you left out there still reading, I missed y’all and I’m going to do better for a variety of reasons.

Most of my time goes to working and doing the husband/dad thing. You know, everyday life stuff. I decided to finish up my bachelor’s degree online, which I should have by summer next year. Then it’s on to pursue an alternative teaching certificate with the intention of teaching English at the high school level. We’ll see. So that’s devouring the bulk of my free time. In between all this my dog of forever had a stroke in February and I lost him. Then in August my mom died of a heart attack out of the blue. So now I’m my own attorney in trying to probate her estate.

But here’s the big announcement!

Because I wasn’t busy enough, God has also provided an answer to much prayer. A few weeks before my mother passed away, my wife came around to the idea of infant adoption. It was a heart change that could only be a God thing. So we are in the very infancy (pardon the pun?) of the adoption process. We’ve filed the first application and paperwork and are waiting to see what our next move is! In the meantime, we’ve begun to seek prayer and encouragement, as well as establishing our GoFundMe page for o who’d like to share it or help us along the way. It’s not an easy move for me, but I’ve only been proceeding in prayer when it comes to this.

So, that’s my update.

I’m rededicating myself to updating and writing more regularly. I’m still want to look at fertility stuff of interest  and provide a deeper look at the adoption process for anyone interested. I hope all of you are still along for the ride and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!