Adoption: A Trickle To A Flood

Well, once again I return to my blog after a long stretch. Not a hiatus or anything intentional, but good old fashioned life coming hard and fast.

We’re still on the path to infant adoption after a setback that can only be described as a combination of clerical and neglect. Somewhere after starting to dig into the massive amount of required paperwork, our worker left for another position. Only one thing: no one told us! When our emails went unanswered, we chalked it up to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays interfering with availability. It wasn’t until we called after the new year did we discover our worker was gone and we were behind. Not a drastic step behind, but definitely not where we wanted to be.

Fast forward through a few intense months, and here we are: all paperwork delivered and approved. Now begins a new wait, this time for the home studies. There are two sessions (unless we opt for one major interview), each at $500 a pop. I include this for anyone who happens along here researching the financial side of things.

Anyway, it’s been a long period of stops and starts, but there’s comfort in the knowledge that we are finally waiting on the right track for our train.

In the meantime, my wife created a T-shirt featuring a Scripture verse important to us both in this season and our lives. John 14:18 reminds us that we are not abandoned and alone, but rather, we are cared for. ” I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

The Booster campaign runs through midnight tomorrow, and we would appreciate your prayers as we try to hit a goal of 100 sold. The shirt has already “made” and will be printed, and God has already been faithful beyond anything we could ask or imagine. Now we are focus prayers that glorify His hand in this and that we want to see Him work!

Check the campaign out here if you’re interested! ¬†Share, pray, and all the other etceteras!

PS More news to come about slightly unrelated things next month!