Robo-Sperm To The Rescue

There’s been a wealth of time since I last posted.

I’d offer all the typical excuses you get from lapsed bloggers, but we’ve heard ’em and used ’em all before, right?

Anyways, this tumbled across my Facebook feed this evening and thought it begged to be shared!

It seems there’s a robot that can guide sperm to where they need to go.  Where was this when Steve had directional issues?!?!

Back much sooner with adoption updates…



Jack Of All Trades, Master of None

While I’m planning a bunch of new posts so I can be ahead of the game here (nothing like proaction by way of procastination), I thought I’d share this video.

As part of my television reviewing gig, I watched the pilot episode for the new Showtime series, Masters of Sex, and was surprised to see how much it touches on fertility issues by way of sexual activity.

Keep in mind that this is an original series on Showtime that contains the word ‘SEX‘ in its title, so should you choose to proceed, you will be faced with adult type activities and language. This isn’t promotion for the program, if you’ve watched a second to Showtime lately you’ve already seen enough of that.  In fact, I almost didn’t write this up and share because I didn’t want to be perceived as doing that.  Obviously, I went ahead with it, so there’s my meandering two cents.

I will be cranking out a review for the other site, so if you wanted to read something like that, I can share that link too.  Let me know!

The video’s up for about a week, so if this is something you’re curious about, it’s definitely one way to kill an hour.

Clicky here (you’ll have to agree you’re mature):

We Can Make Beautiful Music Together!

“First, you gotta create…da mood“-Sebastian

Since you are here and we regularly discuss the making of babies, I think it’s safe to assume that you are very familiar with the process of baby making. Well, I don’t mean like, familiar, like well versed or experienced…I mean, you have the basic understanding of how this works and…but not that you’re inexperienced…

How about you find whatever reading of that sentence that compliments you the most and let’s move on, shall we? Ahem.

Now I don’t know about y’all, but it’s relatively accepted that “the process” can be enhanced with the use of music. And I thought that’s where we can have a little fun!

Anyone familiar with Spotify? It’s one of the many music streaming services available and, at the risk of this sounding like an advertisement, it is wonderful! You have access to an extensive music library that you can stream depends on your user level, share music with friends, make playlists…but I swear this is no paid endorsement. It’s just the service I use, but if there are any Spotify peeps out there that want to hook me up, we can talk!

Anyway, I thought it would be funny to create a long playlist of mood music, if ya know what I mean wink wink, and make it a community effort! Please help craft this into the ultimate “hot with two T’s” playlist with your own suggestions! If you feel uncomfortable sharing tunes that create that mood for you specifically, that’s cool! I’m not trying to be creepy! Feel free to suggest or add those songs that have that notorious reputation.

If you are a Spotify user, the playlist should be editable by all subscribers, so feel free to add your own picks! If not, please post your picks in the comments and I’ll add them as we go along! I’ve embedded the fancypants new player thing they have below so no one will miss out on our musical greatness! I got it started with an extremely obvious choice and also on record that, upon my first hearing it in high school, I dubbed it the record for the sexing.

So here’s the beginning stages of This Playlist Will Get You Pregnant By Or Your Money Back!

Getting Pregnant with iPhone

Can we get cross the line into a little bit of nerd stuff real quick? I promise this kinda relates to baby making…

One of the many subjects in my RSS feed reader ( I am an info junkie) is mobile apps and gaming or, more specifically, apps and gaming of the iOS variety. I don't know whether you've crossed the Orwellian line into the smartphone racket or if you're holding onto that flip phone and raging against the machine. I do know that, for some reason, phone selection has become a heated issue, so even if you enjoy a different smartphone experience outside of Apple…this is available for you.

My wife and I pore over the trove of ovulation tracking and calendar applications. Period journals and fertility theories. We read different testimonials with the same doe eyed belief that the infomercial shoppers at 3AM experience when they know the Magic Bullet will revolutionize the way they eat and order four of them. (Is it really named after a Kennedy assassination thing?)

But now I bring you….BIRTH CONTROL!

So, basically, sperm rain down from the heavens and you mission is to maneuver the egg to avoid “the fertilizing power of the sperm!”

This game costs .99 cents, but fear not, my fellow frugals! There is also a lite version for us more discerning shoppers who wish to sample the gameplay before investing. I took the liberty of trying this out for you.

You are welcome.

The description minces no words. You have to tilt your device side to side, which moves the egg from the paths of the falling sperm. If one touches the egg, you “lose a life.” Never fear: birth control pills and condoms (not sure why condoms?) also fall and if you collect those, you gain life. I believe I played this game for roughly ten seconds before mind crushing boredom set in. Not on sperm swims in a circle. There are no “boss” sperm. And I'm uncertain what advantage purchasing the .99 cent version has other than insuring these developers continue destroying our civilization.

In summary, swim away from this one. It's no Angry Birds. Although an Angry Sperm game, perhaps…

We will return to our adventures in fertility!

Do you have a favorite mobile game or app? Or a process/theory/method of fertility tracking?

Timothy Green Is Here To Destroy You

I’m going to take a quick side break from migrating the narrative of our baby adventures to discuss this movie we saw over the weekend. It’s called The Odd Life of Timothy Green.
Before I get into it, just in case you have any aversion to spoilers of any kind, I intend to discuss the plot of the film. Not in explicit terms, but I will reveal some pieces of information and infer others. Believe me, I am the worst when it comes to the issue of spoilers. I avoid them at all costs and harbor the deepest of grudges toward anyone, anyplace, or anything that spoiled whatever. Ask anyone who’s watched LOST or BREAKING BAD or THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with me and you will uncover how deep my dedication to ignorance goes. But in the case of Timothy Green, and in light of more recent developments in our story, I felt that, if I wanted to escape the theater emotionally unscathed, I needed to know what happens in the story.

Proceed with caution…

OK…The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a fable about a young married couple who discover that, for undisclosed to us reasons, they cannot get pregnant. That evening they daydream (night dream?) about what their hypothetical child might be like and what life events they might share with him/her, scribbling all the ideas onto notepaper. They box up the notes and bury the box in their garden. Later that night, after a freak storm, they find a young boy named Timothy Green in their home who claims to be theirs. He has leaves sprouting from his legs and claims to have come from the garden. He quickly becomes part of their life. The notes the couple wrote begin to come true and Timothy’s leaves begin to fall from his legs.

Anyone who’s seen a Disney move that deals with family can probably guess what happens.

It’s not a deep, difficult, superbly written cinematic effort. It’s a sweet, mushy, simple, probably overly sentimental movie that, even though we knew what happened, made us bawl like the babies we want so desperately. We could identify with this couple. We knew how they were feeling. They discover what having that family is like, how difficult day to day parenting can be, and ultimately the joy that is at it’s heart. We know the desire to create a tangible product of the love we have for each other and to care for it and nurture it, despite the obstacles in the world or perhaps in spite of them. To discover who your child is. To see this world through a youthful pair of eyes. Any parent knows this as well.

And we needed a good cry.

But don’t take my word for it…here’s a video reaction from two random boys I came across:

Have you seen Timothy Green? What did you think? Did I spoil it? 🙂